Brain Health Training Program

We have created a specialized program where patients with treatment resistant depression can develop the skills they need in order to increase their chances of success and remission from chronic depression.

All the patients in our programs are encouraged to participate in our 12-week Brain Health Training Program.  These meetings will be held once a week and will last for 1-1/2 hours.  In the future we hope to be able to offer these sessions in person, but for the time being they will be conducted via telehealth, offering you the convenience of completing the program from your home!

What is Brain Health Training Program?

BHTP is an evidence-based treatment program designed to help you learn about and manage your depression symptoms.  It will introduce, challenge, and motivate you to apply principles of CBT, self-care, and mindfulness.  It is based on science that shows that thoughts (cognitions) and behaviors (actions and choices) affect the way we feel (emotions).

We want to be sure that our treatments are effective!

Evidence based means that there is scientific evidence to show that something works.  While there is not a 100% guarantee that BHTP will work for you, it is likely that with practice and hard work, you will receive positive benefits from these techniques.  The combination of approaches is a key to recovery and maintenance of improvements when you have depression.

Group Topics:

Introduction to Cognitive Skills

Understanding and challenging our “automatic negative thoughts” is one important element of CBT treatment.  In this module you will learn the basics of this concept, with special attention to the ways our thinking can be “distorted” by strong negative feelings and how to identify and change them.

Self-Care and Behavioral Activation

During this module, we review how exercise, diet, sleep, and other “self-care” behaviors can impact our mood.  We will also explore techniques that can help you understand the behavioral patterns that contribute to mood changes, and how to motivate you to change them.  You will learn how focusing on pleasure, goal setting, and values can improve your mood.


In this module, you will be introduced to “mindfulness” practices and how they can assist in depression recovery.  We will discuss and learn different techniques and exercises to allow you to practice the skills and develop a plan to make them part of your daily routines.

Other Useful Information About Brain Health Training Program…

  1. Our program is structured, this is not the style of therapy in which one comes into the session only to “vent” or have someone with whom to talk.  The treatment is focused specifically on learning skills and techniques to respond to depression when it arises and to feel better.
  2. Our Licensed Mental Health Counselors will use different angles from which to address clinical depression.  Most people find it helpful to use a variety of skills instead of searching for just one “silver bullet”.  There is most likely not just one answer to your depression.
  3. A person with depression needs skills, support, and accountability to achieve meaningful long-term changes.  The goal is to combine powerful proven strategies to improve and maintain this after you finish treatment, not just being better while you are at our clinic.  We know it takes daily repetition to learn skills and retrain depression-influenced habits.
  4. We want you to consider this treatment because you want to improve your life, take responsibility for achieving your aims, and feel better, not simply because others are telling you to do so.
  5. We know there are different paths to the same goal.  If this type of therapy is not an option for you, we will work together to find other treatment modalities that can help you.
  6. This program will complement the work that you have done in individual therapy or that you are currently working on with other providers.  The combination of strategies is a key component to success and recovery from clinical depression.

We look forward to working together in your journey towards recovery from depression!

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