Dr. Galliano treats patients 18-65 years old.

Please contact our office to see if we are accepting new patients.

You may call the office and provide information for our New Patient Screening or you can fill out the online version under
the “New Patient” tab
. We aim to answer all new patient inquiries within a 72 hr time frame. 

Please be patient as we try to serve you in the best way possible.

Initial visits consist of a 1 hr time block. Approximately, 15 minutes is spent with a patient coordinator before your appointment. Please be aware that all new patient forms must be completed and submitted before an initial consultation can be scheduled. ​

 All follow ups are 30 minute telehealth appointments. 

These are estimates of time frames, which could be shorter or longer depending on the needs of the patient.

While our addiction patients are of top priority, sometimes we are not able to accommodate them within the one week window, status post discharge. Please call the office to inquire about openings, as this can change frequently.If we are unable to assist you, we can provide other recommendations, if needed.

Please contact the office. We may be able to move up your existing appointment to avoid lapse in treatment.

If you are in crisis, please seek immediate medical attention.

If non emergent, contact your primary care physician or an outpatient service to further assist you.

The doctor does not prescribe medications without an evaluation first.

Dr. Galliano prescribes and refills medications during appointments only.

If an initial ADD/ADHD evaluation has been performed already, then yes.

If the patient has not yet been evaluated for this or has never been on medication for ADHD/ADD, you will be will referred to Dr. Sari Bernstein for evaluation first.

Please be aware that Dr. Galliano does not prescribe Adderall.

 Please account for possible wait times like any other provider office.

This is standard for all new patient appointments for verification purposes only, meaning nothing will be charged that day. You will always be notified when a charge will be made and are welcome to change your form of payment anytime.


We are now located in Southpoint, near St.Vincent’s Hospital on Belfort Rd

Our address is 4141 Southpoint Drive East, Suite A Jacksonville FL 32216