Established Patients

If you are an existing patient and have an upcoming telehealth appointment with Dr.Galliano, please complete the appropriate rating scales below before your appointment. Information about signing in for your appointment is located below. If you have had changes to your insurance please contact our office as soon as possible.

Established Patients

Step 1: Please complete the online intake as early as 24 hours prior to your appointment by clicking the link below.


Office staff will contact you prior to your appointment to collect any copays/deductibles. 

All patients, new and established,  are required to complete the necessary rating forms prior to each visit.   

Step 2: Please ensure your computer is equipped with a camera and microphone and are using a Chrome browser. If you are using a mobile device, please make sure you are in a private area with good service.

  • If you are using a mobile device, please make sure you are in a private area with good service.

Step 3: Once your intake forms are complete, Please use the following link to begin your appointment with your provider. Please allow access to your microphone and Camera and Type your full name.

Enter virtual waiting room for
Dr. Galliano-Pardo
Enter waiting room
Enter virtual waiting room for
Dr. Natasha Patel
Enter waiting room

Step 4: Once you have finished your appointment, please call our office to schedule your next follow-up appointment.

IMPORTANT: We will be unable to conduct your appointment if you are operating a moving vehicle during your call.

If you have had any changes to your insurance, please text us a copy of the front and back of your insurance cards to 904-955-8973 or email them to Please ensure we receive your updated insurance prior to your appointment.

During your appointment, you must be in the State of Florida. No Prescriptions will be sent out of the State of Florida.

Standard No-Show Policy will apply